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We combine passion and science

When this happens, the sky’s the limit. Our focus is on creating beautiful products using cutting edge technology that transforms experiences of users both globally as well as in local market. A 10,000 SQ FT dedicated research and development centre propels this technology and transformation where our innovation is driven by our target audience.

For every project we strive to understand the target audience.
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Our decades of experience has allowed us to build a database of information about different consumers from more than 100 countries. Understanding exactly what the customer wants, helps us deliver the most relevant product for that market.

Explore our successful innovative projects

  • Perfshield
  • Perfcode

A key challenge faced by the Perfume Industry is in giving it’s customers a long lasting experience by virtue of their creations. Irrespective of brand or application, we have been tasked with producing fragrances that will greatly enhance the customer experience.

Our Research and Development team uses todays advancements in technologies to develop Perfshield. Perfshield protects the fragrance from losing its magic to the external environment by using specialized microcapsules. These capsules act as a shield to protect the fragrance and will only get infused on personal contact.


One more question that every brand, irrespective of the application/industry was always asking us: How do we make our products unique, so that no one in the market can make a match of our fragrance.

To cater to this problem, Perfcode came to the rescue. Through many years of research and development, Our passionate scientists  were able to come up with perfcode raw materials. These perfcode raw materials are only available to us and are not for sale in the open market. So if we use our  perfcode raw materials in your compound, you can sit back and relax, with no reason to stress about competition coming up with the same fragrance.


This took two years in working, but finally this marvel was ready to be presented in 2019. LABO101 consists of marvellous creations, each of these creations took on an average 101 hours of one of our dedicated master perfumer to this project.

We don’t wait to see what future holds. We develop it ourself. LABO 101 has fragrances of tomorrow. These creations have never be seen in the market before however extensive market research has been gone into making each creations considering the current market trends and expected market trends. Are you looking for a future winner fragrance that is truly unique and that will make your brand standout, LABO101 is the answer.


Agar woods has always been a fascination for us. Their beauty cannot be described in words: This fascination led us to do extensive research on agarwoods. After 10 years of extensive research and 3 years of one of our perfumer personally travelling to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and India to study different types of agarwoods, we have collected the right technology and enough know-how to come up with synthetic agar woods like you have never smelled before at prices you have never imagined before.

With Agarwoods price has been a major factor withholding its consumption in formulation of fragrances however our JANNAT-AL-OUDH collections eliminates this limitation and opens up an ocean of opportunities for companies for their formulations. Adding agar woods from our JANNAT-AL-OUDH collection to your fragrance will add natural-like agar wood notes at relatively very low prices.