Fragrance Application

  • Fine Fragrances
  • Personal Care/ Toiletries
  • Home Care
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We have one clear goal, bringing inspirational and innovative fragrance to every humans reach. A good fragrance will have a different definition for people living in Europe, it will have a different definition for people living in Middle East and so on. The most important thing is to hit the mark, which is to make that perfect blend for different regions. We are not saying that we always hit the mark but more often than not, we do. The reason is that our decades of experience and effort in the industry has allowed us to study consumers from more than 100 countries, enabling us to build a database that propels the innovation of each fragrance depending upon the region. So when you start a project with us, even before your final fragrance is ready, theres already a 50% chance of your product success.

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Personal care is a fast-paced Industry, requiring uninterrupted innovation and alteration, which is primarily driven by the constantly changing consumer’s tastes and preferences across the Globe. Our Rich Experience and know-how helps us to recognise these tastes and hence develop relevant products for different markets across the Globe.

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We as a company have a single most important derivation of happiness: which is to see the smile on a face which is coming from our fragrance: When you have washed your clothes and the laundry smells so good that you forget its a chore, bringing a smile to your face and uplifting your mood. These are the moments that we strive for. We have a philosophy in the company: what good is a fragrance if consumers do not pay attention to the fragrance when they are exposed to it. We work tirelessly to make sure that each of our compound is as strong and intoxicating as our philosophy dictates. With the PERFSHIELD technology we can ensure that the fragrance stays on in the point of application (for example: towels) for days, if not weeks. From time to time when these shields breaks, so does happiness.