About Us

Passion Perfumery

Our story began back over a century ago in 1895 when our beloved founder, Devi Prasad Dubey, wanted to spread his love of fragrances to the world. And so, Dubey Perfumers was born, with one mission in mind.

To deliver the very essence of all that is pure.

Dubey Perfume started its operations out of a 3,500 sq ft facility catering the local market of Kannauj, now the perfume capital of India (a city in India with a population of 85,000)

From our humble beginnings, our passion for fragrance grew and today with divine grace we are honoured by the fact that our very well crafted fragrances reach millions of people through more than 7 facilities across three countries over two continents (France, UAE and India).


Innovation and Passion

We have always believed that if you are not passionate about what you do, you can never be a winner. It is this belief that runs through the veins of the company. Every member at Dubey Perfumers has one thing in common: passion for perfumery. And this passion leads to innovation. We innovate to create fragrances that gives you the experience of absolute serenity.

We have always set our hearts into creating beautiful fragrances for you.

Our quality is reflected in the love we get from our esteemed clients around the world. Through the ages, our clients have reached back to us to tell their stories of how their customers are absolutely in love with their products. For us, this is the vindication of the passion and effort that we put in to the innovation of world class fragrances.

Our actions have always spoken
louder than words

Our drive and passion can be seen in our fragrances and history is the proof of that. The trust and support we receive from our clients motivates to push us further, work harder and create better everyday . Many of our partners have succeeded with our products and this is a testament to our commitment and quality that they are having a turnover in tunes of billions. We say this not for the sake of it, but our actions have always spoken louder than words.

Explore the work we do

Our artists – we prefer to call ourselves as artists pursuing the art of perfumery – work together to innovate and create the fragrances that people all over the world enjoy. We leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of perfection, for it is for you that we strive to create our products.