Established in 1895, a journey commenced in the ancient streets of Kannuaj, amidst the sweet smell of roses and heady fragrance of sandalwood.


Our story was born in the heart of Kannauj, amidst fields of light pink roses, clear blue skies, dark fragrant earth, and full raindrops from  monsoon clouds.


Dubey Perfumers is recognized for our decades old in-house sourcing of specific flowers and ingredients from across the country, to precise manufacturing practices. Years of know-how, modern testing facilities, and expertise in the field, allow us to create exquisite fragrances to suit your needs.


Our Core Founder

Devesh Dubey

One of the founders of our business, Devesh was instrumental in expanding our activities both domestically and internationally. Instrumental in developing our Sandal wood processing unit, his dynamic personality, sincerity, and ability to understand the needs of clients, enabled Dubey Perfumers to grow exponentially.


Our Directors


Nisheeth Dubey


“The foundation of our customer relationship is trust. We consistently supply quality products at competitive prices, bringing great value to our client. We believe in long term relationships based on price
stability and satisfaction.”

“All key processes are monitored closely.  The manufacturing of the natural essential oils and itra, which makes 70% of the end product, is done by us in-house. Through our wide network both in India and abroad, we source the synthetic products and aromatic chemicals of the highest standards, which we then combine as per our requirement to get
consistent high-grade results.”


Ashish Dubey


"It is our ability to quantify the vague, to capture an idea and translate it into reality, 

to be able to understand and anticipate what our clients are looking for, and to thrill them by formulating their vision in the form of itra.”



Yash Dubey


“ Your requirement is my inspiration. We make a team, a collaboration of minds, borne in the spirit of trust, set aflame by imagination.”


“My job is to look ahead. Our direction is forward. Together, we see opportunities. We select our options, our path, and our goal. It is my conviction, that this journey is certainly possible, because of our rich heritage, our deep rooted contacts built over a century of ethical business, and vibrant entrepreneurship that takes us forward in our quest.”


With our growing domestic and global network, we look to blend the ancient with the modern, to increasingly bring a wide range of internationally accepted solutions. Our integrity, our commitment, and our assurance to deliver high quality products distinguish us as a leader in fragrances.



Our factory in Hyderabad uses the latest, most efficient techniques for the highest quality of product creation. 

Our internal sourcing of raw materials is spread internationally, from Kannuaj and Orissa, to Dubai and France. 

Thought our offices in Hyderabad and Delhi, and our French collaboration  (in Grasse) with Bernardi of France, we interact with our clients across the world.